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Investment in Motorsport at Zero Cost

We're looking for long term financial partners. Whether this be a business or individuals to work with. Our ambition is to reach British Touring Cars or GT Racing within five years. You will be backing a winning team. With the right budget, we will be winners together. 

Up to 100% of your sponsorship fee back

Motorsport is about collaborating.  All partners will be invited to join our private finance real estate group which could see up to 100% (or more) of their sponsorship fee returned to them. That is an opportunity to have long term Motorsport marketing at net zero cost.



Use the glamour of Motorsport to help launch a product


Working with a racing driver or team can help boost your profile, give you access to plenty of networking opportunities, and help grow your brand.


With luxury offerings such as executive hospitality, trackside team access, exhilarating high-speed driving experiences, and exclusive dining, deals are no longer made in the boardroom.


Motorsport gathers the highest profile of individuals looking to leverage B2B and networking opportunities in one of the most affluent environments in professional entertainment.

Motorsport can provide business-to-business opportunities, employee engagement opportunities, customer hosting platforms, unique content marketing campaigns and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

For brands who have entered, expanded and extended their investment in Motorsport in recent years, they know and understand that Motorsport fans are among the most brand-loyal fans in the industry. Brands with large primary target audiences have also seen value in investing in two or more Motorsport series.

Marketing through the Mini Challenge Series is about much more than the placement of a logo. It is about brands strategically connecting with their audiences through an authentic consumer journey to drive results.

media coverage

  • Over 1m video content views

  • Over 30 hours TV coverage

  • Live TV coverage for the JCW Class

  • JCW Class highlights shown on Channel 4

  • Highlights of all classes shown on Motors TV

  • Over 3m Social Media post views

  • 700,000 Facebook Live Stream views

  • Attended Goodwood Festival of Speed

  • Peak spectators c15,000 at British GT events


For those fans at the circuit, the MINI CHALLENGE is able to offer a VIP experience through its new for 2018 MINI UK supported hospitality area, featuring MINI experience branding. Serving breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, as well as speciality drinks throughout the day, the unit provides a hub for drivers and their partners to welcome guests to experience all the action of the MINI CHALLENGE.


If you have never experienced race day you are missing out. It's a very special place. It's infectious. It is so because it brings together people and passion. Passion, emotion, togetherness. Teamwork, graft, results. Heartache, joy, elation, drama, romance, glamour. Dirt, sweat, oil. Speed, competition, glory.

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B2B Collaboration

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