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2020 Blog #2 - Looking the part...

Updated: Mar 5

In 2018 it was my maiden year in racing. I had a white helmet to go with it. The Bell GP3 Sport lid comes in white as standard. Apart from not really knowing who was a good helmet designer I wanted to keep it looking basic and standard to reflect the fact I was a rookie and I quite probably didn't really know what I was doing. You've heard the phrase "all the gear and no idea..." I didn't want to be that guy.

Fast forward to the present day. Well, surely it would be rude not to bling it up now I'm a class champion. After all, the JCW class is going to be televised on ITV4 so I need to make a small statement. Get with the program. Plus it's now my racing brand, let's show it off.

I'm a big fan of K.I.S.S. Not the rock band, definitely not my thing. It's a acronym I picked up in my corporate years of owning a telecoms company. Keep It Simple Stupid. If I could offer any advice it would be this. When seemingly straightforward becomes complicated, its probably being over-thought and will no doubt be under delivered. Don't confuse this with complex matters. Complexity is fine. That's usually when you're working with skilled people who can deliver these things and make them look simple. That's when you know you're working with the right people. For example, my data engineer. He can simply interpret complex data to help me go faster round a track. It's a simple solution for me.

Why am I telling you this? Well, this was my brief to Iain and Liquid Colour Design of how I would like my new design to be approached. The design needed to be a clean and sharp, with a retro feel. Simplistic in it's nature with a close link to the car livery. What do you think, do you think we got there?

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