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2020 Blog #1 - First blog of 2020

Updated: Mar 3

I'm back. They are officially the first two words of my new blogging stuff for 2020. Why, because last year I kind of disappeared. For those who follow from afar, one day I was enjoying the new 2019 car livery being wrapped on the Mini JCW (click here to see that video) and being announced as a Mini VIP team driver, the next I had gone. Vanished.

And now, I'm back.

I thought about sharing the reasons why I disappeared from racing in 2019, but to be honest it's mostly personal and some poor decision making on my part. Financially I wasn't ready. To race in one of these cars is bloody expensive. Being a middle aged man I can sort of afford it but even so, it's a stretch and I do have other commitments equally if not more important than racing.

However, Motorsport has opened up many doors for me. None more so than for my business. It has created opportunity and I am most definitely reaping the rewards. So for this to be true, it must continue. It's a door opener, but you make it what it is. And of course, I love racing. So I'm back...

Image of myself and James Gornall at Snetterton race circuit

This time it would be different. Racing and the cost of it can be approached in a number of ways. It's all circumstance dependant. For me, we require a team to support us. So we factor in the cost of this. Next, do we rent or buy a car? For anyone considering this let me give you some advice. If you can buy, buy. Your race car should see little depreciation if any. It could in fact appreciate depending on how well it does that season.

The cost of renting is crazy. The rental itself isn't too distasteful. It's the cost of insurance. This will blow your budget sky high. For the price of a season's insurance with testing, and your rental, this would pay for at least two-thirds of your car. Bonkers!

So we're looking for a car. Which car shall we get? I'll start with the best one on the market. And as it happens, this was the 2019 championship winning car of James Gornall. I pick up the phone to James and we do a deal.

Next, select a team to work with. Two important factors for me. Location and price. Then quickly followed by pedigree. Price is important. Keep a check on this, and spend your money wisely.

If I'm going to be on the grid at Donington for R1 at the end of March then I need to be fit, ready, and in my happy place. To find my happy place I need to be prepared. Failure to prepare, prepare to fail. I need to get down the gym and get fit. I need as much seat time as possible. I had a day and a half in the JCW racer in 2019. That is the extent of my seat time. So I need more. A lot more.

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