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I thought I would write a quick blog before I pack the camper and head off to Rockingham. This is it. This will be the defining race weekend of the series. It will be the deciding factor as to whether I am crowned champion in my first season of racing.

A lot is riding on this for me, personally. I look inward at the type of driver I had hoped I would be. I have exceeded my own expectation on how I approached this year. Something I wrote about in the previous blogs. How focus and determination is closely linked with enjoyment. I have enjoyed racing beyond anything I have done in the past, as a sport. It has connected me with an inner strength and focus that had deserted me since leaving school and entering into the rat race. As does sport for a lot of people when they leave their formative years. 9-5 and the gym beckons, for most. Even when I started my businesses I did not have this drive that sport gives me.

Don't get me wrong, I work tremendously hard at my businesses, but they are not sport. They are not hyper adrenaline. The are not competitive arenas in the same sense as what sport can ultimately bring. Of course, some business owners (non sporty people?) would disagree with that statement. But its true for me. It's also true for me that sport has benefited my businesses. More on that in future blogs.

I have found my calling and I will only get stronger and faster as a driver. This is just my first year. My confidence in myself and my racing has gone stratospheric from the very first race at Donington. So how will I approach this weekend....

..same as all weekends. Flat out, I'm going for the win.

Cadwell was disappointing for me, as a driver. Driver mistakes and car setup. When I say car setup, I mean experience to predict and anticipate what will be needed and to guide the team. Rockingham will be different.

My body is pumping full of adrenaline just writing about this weekend. I cannot explain how much I'm looking forward to it. Race weekends are very special. Time away from the busy. Time with family. Time with other like-minded people who share a passion. So I'm going to sign off now and get ready.

To all my family and friends coming to support me this weekend, you are the extra horsepower that will spur me on to be at the front. Thank you, and see you there.

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