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  • willfairclough

#21 Race Review - Silverstone Race Weekend

Qualifying was an early start. I took the car out and straight away noticed we were down on power. I did the obligatory 3 laps and managed to get P7. Turns out we had turbo issue. The team worked flat out between qualy and Race 1 to sort it. It wasn't looking at all promising until the very last minute. The problem was fixed. We wouldn't know for sure until the race.

We wait in the assembly area. Its a side run off directly underneath the Brooklands spectators stand. We get the call, engines on and onto the track. This is the moment of truth, I plant my foot firmly down. Oh yes, the power is back! I'm going to win this race for the team, I thought.

I have work to do. I'm starting 7th of the grid. I get an excellent start. I'm up to 5th by the time we exit Copse. I'm then 4th going into Brooklands after out braking Alan Lee in his R53. As I do so I'm right up behind Andy Montgomery pushing hard into Luffield. Andy goes wide and I sneak through on the inside. Lap 1 done and I'm P3.

Just the two fastest drivers to catch, Rob Austin and Jono Davis. On lap 2 I catch and pass Rob, splitting the two cars as I sneak through around Brooklands. This seems to be my favoured spot for overtaking. Lap 2 done. P2

Davis is quick. But my car feels really good, and the track is coming to me. I get a great exit onto the Wellington straight on this quick but short National circuit. As we enter Brooklands, again I'm on the brakes late and first into the apex. P1. I'm pulling away from the pack and take the win.

Race 2 I'm starting P4 on the reverse grid. With an excellent start off the lights and some slick racecraft I get myself into P1 at the end of the first lap. This is where I stay for 7 laps until i get a rear full of car number 21, Jono Davis. Continuing his pace from Race 1 my lead is quickly diminished. Carrying a ballast of 25kg I don't find the performance I need to stay ahead. I overshoot the apex into Becketts and Jono slips passed. I keep the pressure on and get my nose ahead on a couple of occassions but I cant make the moves stick. I eventually take the chequered flag P2, 0.7s behind Davis.

Happy with that under the circumstances. Another great set of results that extends my lead in the Championship.


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