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#15 Race Review - Snetterton Race Weekend

After an incredible first race weekend at Donington I come to Snetterton leading the Championship. Yep. Didn't think I'd be saying that. My first place and third place, along with my P3 in qualifying and fastest and second fasted lap in each race respectively, my points tally shifted me to the top of the leader board. Before Donington I had my aspirations set on just getting on the podium. Now, my focus had shifted.

Heading into Snetterton I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I knew I could overtake. This was a big plus point I'd taken from Donington. I knew I had it in me to come from the back. I knew I was fast also. You don't win a race if you are not fast. The conflict I had came from within. Did I just fluke it? Could I do that again? Was everyone else having a bad day which, because of my no rookie fear attitude, I was able to exploit? We'll soon find out. I put Snetterton to the test. Here I shall find the answers.

Qualifying and the track was drying out. I qualified P3. Happy with that.

Race 1 was a different story. Rain, everywhere. The track, wet. On go the wet weather tyres and out we go. This, a new experience for me. Well come on, it is only my 3rd race. Lights out, and by the first corner 6 cars have overtaken me. P9. Various cars go off and I'm up to P7 without doing much. I have the flying zebra of Chloe Hewitt ahead of me. I see an opportunity and I make the overtake. P6. This is where I stay fending off 3 cars behind me for 4 laps. A mistake in the penultimate lap allows Chloe back through. P7 is where I finish.

That was not a great start. Perhaps Donington was a fluke afterall.

Race 2 and I start where I finished in Race 1. P7. Another poor start. P10 by the first corner. Oh boy. This is not good. But, I've been here before. A poor first lap at Donington and I still finished first. So I know I can do this. It's a dry race. The wet I struggled with. Let's go!!

This was one of my best races yet. I made my way through the pack and I find myself in P2 pushing hard for the lead by the penultimate lap. I'd just dispatched Jono Davies in car no.21 and was hunting down the red Mini of Rob Austin. Then a red flag. With such a small amount of time remaining the race was stopped altogether. The positions from the last full lap are taken as the finishing places. This meant P3 for me, and Jono was promoted to P1. Lucky boy, particularly when he was nursing a busted clutch and would probably have dropped to mid field obscurity by the chequered flag. That's racing.

Race 3 I'm starting P3. This was a good race but again a poor start. And along with some driver errors, namely gear changes, i made this more difficult than it should have been. P3 and yet another podium. Later promoted to P2 due to a technicality disqualifying the race winner.

This is no fluke. I am quick. I need to accept that and move on. To Silverstone, and still leading the Championship. Just, by two points.

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