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#4 This is serious, I need to start training

After seeing my car finished for the first time it really inspired me to prepare myself as best I could for racing. So what does that actually mean? How can I prepare myself for a season in the Mini Challenge? I’m up against other drivers that have been racing considerably longer than me which isn't hard, I’ve never raced before. OK, first things first. I need to understand race craft. I need to know how to drive a car round a track in the quickest and safest way. Where does one go to find this?


I came across a YouTube channel called Driver61. On this channel there is a complete driver university series of tutorials designed to take you through all aspects of becoming a racing driver. I’ve just hit the jackpot. I spend the next 8 weeks watching and re-watching all of Scott Mansell’s videos on how to corner, weight distribution, braking, overtaking, grip levels, driving in the wet, tyre management, finding the racing line, oversteer/understeer and so on. Although at this stage I still hadn’t stepped foot in the car I felt like a proper racing driver with the knowledge I’d learnt.

At the same time, I knew I needed to be physically fit and strong to handle a race car and endure time on track. Now, where I live in the middle of Wales half way up a hill with the sheep you’d be forgiven for thinking why anyone would need to join a gym. Rolling hills, winding footpaths, beautifully clean air… but that’s what I did. I actually combined running up hills with YouTube Palates and joining the gym. The gym in the next town is surprisingly very good. It has a beautiful pool and great gym equipment. And the big secret to living in the middle of nowhere ...very few people in the gym.

Thank you to everyone at Cloud9, Kington.

When I make a decision to do something I put everything into it. That’s my strength. That’s what I’m bringing to the table. I prepare myself in the best possible way to be a winner. I am the most competitive person I know. There, I’ve just shared with you a small secret. If there's an opportunity to be the best I will take it.

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