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#2 Seeing my car for the first time

Off we go. I set sail for the glitz and glamour of Kings Lynn with my bags packed and a wry smile. The car is due to be wrapped and I'm going to film it for my YouTube channel. Now, I'm no YouTuber. And to be honest the concept of filming and posting online is a little foreign to say the least. I love photography, and with that I include filming and editing. It’s the creating and sharing I love. Capturing the now so we may enjoy, reminisce and remember. And this is an extract of my life I want to remember for a long time. For myself and for my family, and for the fans of Motorsport. But let me just caveat, for those that are following my channel my on screen presence will improve...I hope.

It’s amazing the technology we have at our fingertips. I know that if I didn't keep that camera rolling I'd regret it and my children wouldn't be able to see Daddy’s maiden year in Motorsport in all its glory. If I can inspire them, I’ve already won.

Now, if I were to show you the outtakes of me trying to create some kind of video diary you would be in hysterics. What a plonker. Smile man and sound happy. Why is this not as easy as I thought? Hats off to these super star YouTubers, you have to really project outwards just to sound normal. It's a work in progress for me that's for sure. So this is where I cringe and say, “check out the video now on my channel, This Is Number30. And remember to like and hit subscribe.”

Oh brother. Ive actually resisted the need to say this. I’m doing it to share with people my journey, my story. Not to make money from YouTube. I’m genuinely thrilled to be embarking on a journey into motorsport. My story is for the normal guy or gal. Because I’m just a normal guy with a dream.

So back to the garage and Simon from Sign It is already prepping the car. My car is the 2017 championship winning car. It was bought by A Reeve Motorsport for the 2018 season and let me tell you its very much a different car from last year. Aaron has stripped it down and made it his own. Now Aaron Reeve is the type of guy you want in your team. If I could clone and employ anyone for my business I’d clone Aaron. Confident, intelligent, accountable, interesting, a go-getter. Problem is, if I had a clone army of Aarons they’d all trot off and start a successful Motorsport company.

I muck in with Simon and remove the old wrap from the car. The preceding few days Simon and I had been mulling over a design for the new livery. We decided to go with a design close to the teams branding, to best promote the team. That’s important. Essentially my car is the same as Aaron’s racer but a different colour. The only colour one can choose that will stand out and blow everyone away in awe. Blue. Not just any blue. Riviera blue. [Drooling right now].

Over 3 days the car goes from looking like a dodgy banger to a beautiful Challenge racer. I’m the cat that’s got the cream…

Can you imagine. I’m here about to witness the creation of my race car. It’s every boys dream. It’s that wallpaper moment. The bit when it slaps you in the face and says this is happening kid. Take a bow, you are achieving your dream.

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