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#1 Autosport Show 2018 - Meeting A Reeve Motorpsort

So today I met with the team principle and owner of A Reeve Motorsport to talk about a possible drive for 2018 in the Mini Challenge series. Okay, hold up. Let’s rewind a second and put some context around this impromptu meeting with a Motorsport company at the NEC.

Firstly, I am not a racing driver. Yet. I have never raced before. The belief I am a racing driver has been with me for most of my life. However, in the real world I work in the property industry and I'm a family man. Until now I’ve neither had the time or money to consider Motorsport. Something happens when you hit 40. You realise you’re closer to death than the spawns of a once youthful existence. So you take action, and quickly.

I’ve never been one to drag my heels. If there’s something I want to do generally I find a way of doing it. Motorsport, while always being a dream of mine somehow never made it to the top of my priority list of things to pursue. And frankly its amazing how quickly time can pass you by when that is the case.

I think I owe my passion for speed to my Dad. He was not a racing driver but I’m pretty sure he thought he was. And while I’m at it I think I shall also credit my Mum for chipping in. I remember coming home from school, it must have been the summer of 1984 and there parked outside our house was this brand new red Mini Metro. I can’t quite remember the actual spec but Mum had chosen the sporty steering wheel and gear knob upgrades. I was in love, and well impressed with my Mum. Those two small additions to that ordinary Metro made this a sports car in my mind and I loved it.

This has stuck with me and every car I’ve ever owned has had the sport pack on it… BMW M Sport, Audi S Line, Seat Cupra, TT Sport, Mini JCW. If it doesn’t have a chunky steering wheel its crap. Fact. The seed was planted from an early age, and while memories of Mum have faded over the years, sadly I lost my dear Mum when I was 9 years old, I’m pretty sure Mum drove that Mini hard and fast.

Then there was my Dad. He had a yellow Datsun Cherry. Oh yes, let me repeat. A YELLOW, Datsun Cherry. It was like a banana on wheels. Now my Dad’s driving I can remember. And to this day, at the grand old age of seventy something he still drives like Aryton Senna. OK, a seventy something Aryton Senna…a bit whoolly. But back then when I was knee high to a grasshopper he was my hero. And I wanted to drive just like my Dad.

So here we are, back to the present and about to sign for a proper Motor racing team. What am I doing? Am I really doing this? Oh yes, lets go!!

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