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#8 Testing at Donington

There's a corner at Donington you take flat out, downhill. It’s called Craner Curve. Google it. I can assure you right here, right now, it’s fabulous. What a rush! This is what I signed up for. Hell yes. SEAT…OF…YOUR…PANTS.

I didn’t take this flat out straight away. It took me a couple of laps to get warmed up and in the zone with the car. But from then on, I was on it. For testing we were using semi slick tyres. On race day we would be using slicks. Slicks when warmed up will give the ultimate grip so I could expect faster times come the race weekend.

There’s two ways to learn a track quickly, no three. Go out with an instructor in your car. Go out with an instructor in their car. Follow a team mate. I did the latter. This took driving round a track to a different level of enjoyment. What this did was put me in a position of chase. Hunting. Catching. With the sole purpose to get in front. All of a sudden I felt a different driver. I was no longer consciously in control, more subconsciously.

The temporary shower block was temporarily out of order / not installed yet.

With that in mind I still missed my apex’s, over-steer'd through some corners and my team mate was racing off into the distance. Damn it… I’ve a lot to learn. And my subconscious has a lot to answer for!

Later that night I got a text from Aaron, “Your times were very good today.” I was lapping in the 1m22s.

I'll take that to the first race weekend. And for the next few weeks I couldn't think of anything else.


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